When 22 hours = 33 hours

So we are half way to Nairobi. While sitting here in Amsterdam, I calculated the travel time between Minneapolis – Nairobi. In reality, it is just under 22 hours (barring any delays). But you could also say, that in reality, it is just under 33 hours.

It depends on how you calculate time. If by the sun’s location in the heavens (which is pretty much the point of telling time), then it takes 33 hours. But if measuring how many hours actually elapse, then 22 is correct.

Either way, it will be good to finally reach our destination tonight and then meet with several of our partners in Nairobi tomorrow, before flying up to Kakuma early on Friday morning.

Heading back to Kakuma

Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement

IAFR will soon be heading back to remote northwestern Kenya to visit our friends in Kakuma Refugee Camp and neighboring Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement. We began our partnership with refugee churches there in 2011. We count it a privilege to be partnering with them in diverse ways – including helping them build the Kakuma Interdenominational School of Mission. The school has been operating since the late 1990s. It has never had its own building. Our generous donors have now made it possible to secure a plot and building materials to build a school with 3 classrooms, a meeting hall, an office and a secured courtyard. We can’t wait to see the vision become a reality!

The KISOM building project is among the many items on our trip agenda. I hope you follow our trip as it unfolds via this blog.

A Fresh Beginning

Welcome to the IAFR Kenya blog! This is where you can get a front row seat to the work of IAFR in Kakuma refugee camp in remote northwestern Kenya.

Due to some technical issues, we lost the content of the original Kenya blog that shared updates, photos and videos from our work in Kakuma going back to 2011. As much as we regret that loss, we are happy that we can start with this new blog.

Thanks so much for following our work and for supporting us with your prayers and financial donations that make this ministry possible!