Kris teaching in Kakuma

Kris talked about dealing with stress to 60 Kakuma Refugee youth today.

They told us they feel stress from being forcibly displaced from their country,  from the death of loved ones, from very limited educational opportunities, from hardships living within Kakuma and from big questions about their future.

Their stressors are real and huge. In her comments Kris shared suggestions that seemed to bring encouragement. She reminded the youth that God sees and cares about each of them and then she prayed God’s help, strength and blessing over them.

Would you please take a minute right now and pray for Kakuma youth? That God would greatly encourage them and give them strength  and hope? Your prayers can make a difference.


Clearer Vision

We left Minneapolis on April 10th with a mix of excitement and fatigue; excitement for the rich possibilities ahead and fatigue from trying to accomplish closure and preparation in ways that honor both contexts.

Adventures provide opportunities to see differently.

The Psalmist is reflecting on God’s  trustworthy instructions in Psalm 119.   “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths  in your instructions” v.18.  God has wonderful truths to show us in his written and unwritten instructions.

I ‘m positioning myself for a prescription change.  I want to see more clearly.  I believe God will be working on the eyes of my heart throughout this adventure.