Visiting Mama

Above: Mama Fartun with one of her daughters

Over the years, I have struck up a friendship with Mama Fartun and her family. Wo unto me if I fail to stop by at least once per visit.

She always welcomes us by sending her children out to find us some chairs and a table and then produces Fanta and Coke for all to enjoy as we talk about life, suffering, hopes and fears together.

She always tells me that she is praying for my wife and children. She often lets me say a blessing over her family.

Meanwhile, she has three children in the US – all who went there with other relatives (refugees) over 20 years ago. They thought Mama had been killed by an explosion. They found out that she survived and is in Kakuma only a few years ago.

She carries a lot of sorrow and grief. Her future is unknown. She’s been stuck in this camp for far too many years with no end in site. And yet she is among the most hospital and kind people I know.


Note she is sitting on a mattress outside of her shelter as she is recovering from a dislocated shoulder (due to a recent motorcycle taxi accident).

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