Sylvia (above) is a refugee from DR Congo. She came by Mama Fartun’s shelter to translate for us (see preceding post). Sylvia knows multiple languages – and without people like her, we would really struggle to communicate with people from so many different countries in the camp.

Sometimes we get to know a bit of our translator’s story too. Sylvia shared today how she and her family (9 siblings) got separated in the fighting in Congo. They haven’t heard from her father or her oldest sister since. The mother and the rest of the kids made it to Kakuma – I think she said over 10 years ago. The mother travels to Lake Turkana to get small fish that she can bring back to the camp and sell in order to provide for the family.

People like Sylvia and her family get stuck in places like Kakuma refugee camp when other nations fail to open their gates and allow them to resettle and rebuild their lives.

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