Praying for Greece

Above: A Sudanese refugee church prays for the situation in Greece-Turkey.

When we told the refugee church about the current refugee crisis at the Turkey – Greece border, the Sudanese refugee church here in Kakuma was quick to pray for those caught up in the situation during today’s worship service.

They know better than anyone what it is like to be in desperate need of safety.

It is a blessing to partner together with the refugee church in this way.


Background information

“Tensions are running high on the Greek island of Lesbos, as migrants and asylum seekers arrive on its shores only to be greeted by thugs with wooden bats and police with batons. In response to Turkey’s government recently opening its western border with the European Union, Greece has slammed its border shut. It’s suspending its asylum system, pushing asylum seekers back at the border, and threatening to deport all newcomers.”

Source: HRW

Also see: CNN

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