When we join together

The second day of intensive theological training for refugee pastors with Dr. George Kalantzis just started this morning. The training is done at the request of United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC), our primary ministry partner here in Kakuma.

He’s putting the story of Scripture into geographical perspective related to Kakuma refugee camp. This helps put the maps in their study Bibles into perspective in terms of both geography and history.

Back when IAFR first met with refugee pastors here, they were quick to say one of their greatest needs was for theological training.

I’m grateful to Wheaton College and it’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute for their partnership in training these church leaders with the long-term goal of equipping them to equip one another.

Other key partners investing in this aspect of ministry here include The Bible Project (who gave us multiple thumb drives loaded with their high quality resources for KISOM), The Jesus Film Project (who donated a portable solar projector with sound system), Urbana 2018 (which gave a grant to put solar power, toilets and a rainwater collection system into the KISOM building), as well as National Presbyterian Church (Washington DC), Northwood Community Church (MN), and a multitude of individuals who invested in the KISOM building project over the years – creating this wonderful space dedicated for such training. Of course, we couldn’t have done this without our partnership with National Council of Churches Kenya as they drew up the blueprints and oversaw the construction of the buildings of KISOM.

It is amazing what is possible when the Church at large works together on such a project!

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