Initial briefing

Above: Meeting with leaders from United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC) this afternoon

We flew up to Kakuma from Nairobi this morning. After settling into the NGO compound, we met with some of the leaders of our refugee partner agency URHC in their office – in the building IAFR was able to provide for them and their school (KISOM).The pastors were from Sudan, South Sudan, DR Congo, Uganda, and Kenya. It’s always a sweet reunion with them.

The URHC Chair remarked, “We feel badly that all we do is receive from IAFR and we have nothing to give IAFR.” I reminded him that they have given much to IAFR over the years as they have informed how we pursue our mission and have taught us much about partnerships. Sometimes such a gift is worth more than buildings.

If you are among IAFR financial partners, know that our brothers and sisters here are most grateful for how God has used you and provided for them.

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