A new home

Above: A mother and son stand outside the door of their new shelter provided by IAFR and our financial partners

We visited Canaan village outside of Kakuma this afternoon. Until last year it was known as Turkana West IDP Camp. It is home to an estimated 4,500 forcibly displaced Kenyans (i.e. IDP).

IAFR has been working with our financial partners for several years – building sturdy shelters for these people. I believe we have built 80 shelters like this so far.

Above: Brothers standing outside of what was their shelter/home until this summer when their family received the IAFR shelter (in the background)

The boys (above) told us how the powerful rains didn’t come through the roof of their new shelter earlier this week. Until now, such storms soaked them and turned the floor into mud.

Their older sister showed up shortly after I took this photo and told us how she thanks God for their new home.

IAFR has provided 5 new shelters here in 2019. We hope to build more before the end of the year. Each shelter requires $950 to build. If you’d like to help now, click here.

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