Return to Kakuma

IAFR is returning to Kakuma this week! We look forward to deepening our relationships with both our refugee and NGO partners. Our small team will include Jenna (a pastor at Awaken Community Church), Wendy (on staff with Arrive Ministries, a resettlement agency in MN) and Paul Sydnor (IAFR Europe Regional Leader). As usual, Tom Albinson will lead the team.

We’ve got a full schedule that includes…

  • A day seminar with leaders from churches in Kakuma camp and surrounding host community. They want to specifically discuss Christian Stewardship.
  • Worship with churches in the camp and surrounding host community
  • A 2 day women’s ministry conference with women from the camp and host community
  • A day gathering of a diverse slice of people living in the camp to learn from them firsthand about daily life in Kakuma
  • A day gathering with church leaders in nearby Kalobeyei refugee settlement (40,000 people)
  • A visit with our friends and partners in the nearby camp for internally displaced people (i.e. Kenyans) with whom we have been building shelter and working on providing a local supply of clean water
  • Visits with friends in the refugee camps, the IDP camp, and the host community
  • Documenting progress on the many projects we are pursuing in the Kakuma context (i.e. IDP Water Project, IDP Shelter Project, KISOM School Building Project, Refugee Youth Camp Project, Refugee/IDP High School Scholarship Project, Refugee Church Building Project)

We need and welcome your prayers for safe travels, good health, and fruitful ministry while in Kenya!

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