Above: The Kakuma Interdenominational School of Mission (KISOM)
Above: KISOM

It was a joy to participate in the first training session held in the brand new KISOM building yesterday.

Our refugee brothers and sisters launched KISOM back in 1997. In 2012 they began praying in earnest for a building of their own as they were last meeting in a condemned and abandoned primary school in the camp.

IAFR prayed with them. Once we had a draft of a proposed architectural design and budget, we brought it to our financial partners. They responded generously. We then contracted our NGO partner, National Council of Churches Kenya (NCCK) to do the actual building.

KISOM has already graduated well over 1000 students trained to be pastors, evangelists and missionaries. Many are church leaders in the refugee camp and surrounding host community. Others have since relocated to their homelands or a third country (refugee resettlement). Most are pastoring somewhere today.

Sadly, I fell suddenly ill shortly after taking this photos and making a Facebook Live video. I spent the next 24 hours resting and recovering. I’m thankful to say that I am well again and able to continue the visit here as planned.

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