The need for on-going theological training

Professor Kalantzis wound up his theology training sessions with the men today by asking them what they plan to do with what they’ve learned over the past 4 training visits.

What stood out the most was the impact of this visit’s sessions on how we got the Bible as we know it today. Some deep seated rejection of certain Bible translations were overcome and the pastors are clearly eager to share what they’ve learned with others.

Several pastors expressed their appreciation for the teaching on how to use their Study Bibles. Prior to these sessions they didn’t understand the footnotes, maps and other helpful tools in these Bibles.

The verdict was clear. The pastors are hungry to learn more from Dr. Kalantzis. We believe this is an important way of strengthening refugee churches.

At the request of the pastors, Professor Kalantzis will be going to a refugee settlement 10 miles away tomorrow morning to offer some training with the refugee pastors there. The need is great.

We are praying that God would provide the needed funding for this training to continue. If you would like to help make this happen, click here and donate to the Kenya project fund.

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