Implementing what has been learned

Jenny Hwang (Humanitarian Disaster Institute) held her final session of trauma care training with pastors from the camp and surrounding host community this morning.

The final session gave the pastors opportunity to share how they plan to take what they’ve learned into their church context. It was encouraging to hear how several of the pastors were already implementing what they’ve been learning. Some have identified women and men in their church that they plan to equip to serve their brothers and sisters – including those involved in children’s ministries. One shared how he sees the need for the refugee churches to be better networked with health professionals in the community and among the NGOs so that they can refer people to their services when needed.

Most of these men shared again how they recognize that they too have suffered trauma. This realization increases empathy and helps de-stigmatize trauma in the camp.

The Director of the KISOM School said that they plan to develop a class focused on trauma care as part of the core curriculum.

Good seed has been sown. May the churches in the camp and host community become safe and sought after communities of healing.

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