A traumatized single mother

Photo: The rough road into the deep parts of Kakuma refugee camp

We ended our day driving deep into Kakuma refugee camp to visit a young Burundian single mother who has been repeatedly and deeply traumatized. I had met her “by chance” last April and our NGO partner in Kakuma (NCCK) encouraged me to pay her a visit today. They sent one of their staff women with us.

The young mother gave birth to her second child about 6 weeks ago. It’s a beautiful baby girl. Born in a refugee camp to a traumatized mother – it is difficult to imagine getting a worse start in life. And now the C-Section is infected, compounding the difficulties she faces every day.

The urgent need is for her to receive safe shelter in the camp. Her present location has proven less than safe. But there is a shortage of shelters in the camp due to drastic budget cuts at the beginning of the year.  Things look bleak.

Her exhausted eyes found a few more tears to cry while we were together. She is both desperate and helpless. Hope is thin. Yet she somehow manages to press on day after day.

We have no power to change her situation, but she gladly accepted our offer to pray with and for her.  Would you join your prayers with ours? Pray that “J” receives a shelter SOON – shelter that offers safety and a supportive community around her.

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