Encouraging pastors in Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement

Photo: Meeting with refugee pastors in Kalobeyei refugee settlement

This afternoon we drove about 10 miles down the road from Kakuma toward South Sudan in order to visit with pastors and church leaders in Kalobeyei refugee settlement. This settlement was opened in June 2016 and within a year was filled with 38,000 people.

Many of the people here are relatively recently displaced. Churches are still struggling to find a way to build a structure in which they can meet. Many refugee shelters have walls of tarp, waiting for stone. And yet the churches are working together to overcome their challenges – with encouragement from the churches down the road in Kakuma refugee camp.

It was good to listen to them and to share some words of encouragement. These Christian leaders carry weighty burdens.

We plan to return later this week to offer a morning training related to how we got the Bibles we have today. If that sounds familiar (Dr. Kalantzis taught this in Kakuma yesterday), it is because the pastors in Kakuma asked the professor if he would offer the training in Kalobeyei.

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