Love your enemies

Photo: Sunday worship in a Sudanese (Nubian) refugee church

I had the privilege of worshiping with this vibrant church this morning. The service began at 8:00 and ended at noon. There was singing and dancing to Sudanese songs of worship before a visiting Sudanese pastor preached on clinging to what is good, shunning what is evil and loving our enemies.

When it comes to loving enemies, the pastor asked the congregation whether this includes loving the people who have been bombing their villages, killing their loved ones and forcing them to flee their homes and homeland. He asked them how they will relate to such people if they are ever able to return to their homes. He called them to love them. Only love is powerful enough to change their hearts.

Photo: Today’s Sudanese pastor and preacher

The congregation was made up mostly of men and women in their mid 20s to mid 30s.

May God bless these men and women of God as they seek to live by the ways of Jesus.

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