Who does not have a Bible of your own?”

That was the question asked by Nicolas, the director of the annual refugee youth camp.

In response, most of the youth shot their hands up into the air, eager to finally receive a personal Bible.

The Bibles were provided by IAFR financial partners participating in our on-going Bibles for Refugees project.

As most of the youth learned English while in school, they received a NIV or a NLT Study Bible. May God use these Bibles to strengthen their faith, hope and love as they follow Jesus.

As many refugee friends tell me, “When we were forced to flee their homes, they did not have time to pack our Bibles.”

As there is no place anywhere near Kakuma from which they can buy a Bible, the IAFR Bibles for Refugee project is a great way for us to give them a gift of high value and let them know that we care about them.

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