Sources of stress

See the white blur in the top left corner of this photo? It’s a small soccer ball that we brought, thinking it might come in handy during youth camp. Kris Doten put it to good use this morning as she taught about stress and stress management. The youth passed the ball to one another, each time naming a source of stress in their lives. They didn’t hold back. War, loss of loved ones, refugee life, uncertain future, etc. all were named as the ball was thrown around the room.

Faith plays an essential role in helping people cope with loss, suffering and trauma. And so this refugee-led youth camp is focused on encouraging these young men and women to fix their eyes and hearts on Jesus, for he sees and hears and cares for them.

Photo: A young man who has lost both of his parents and finds himself alone in Kakuma fixing his heart and mind on Jesus as we sang together.

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