Torrential rain

The local people say it has been many years since it has rained like it has this week.

A Turkana pastor (from the host community) told me that he praises God for the rain because it gives life to all kinds of creatures.

Indeed, the grasses are springing up out of the normally barren landscape. And a great hatch of creatures is in motion, many of which join us in our rooms at night 🙂  [I’m fighting them off as I type tonight]

While the rains are welcome, they are also destructive. The normally dry river beds have swollen and are impassable, cutting off many parts of the camp from each other. And refugee camp roads, like the one in this photo, are filled with lake-sized-puddles.

We expected 200-250 youth from the camp and host community to join us for the first day of Youth Camp – but only 45 could make it.

Still, the motorcycle taxis somehow try to carry people from point to point while bicycles loaded down with charcoal find their customers.

Life goes on.

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