Meet some of our partners

We are happy to have Dave Mwangi (left), Kenya Director of Biblica, here with us for part of the week. IAFR has worked together with Biblica to get over 12,000 Bibles to refugee churches in Kakuma. Biblica has developed some resources designed to specifically speak to youth-at-risk (including refugees) that we believe will also prove to be an asset to the churches here as 51% of the refugee population is under 18.

The other 3 gentlemen in this photo are on the executive team of our refugee partners, United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC). From right to left, the are: Pastor Mubarak (URHC Chairman from Sudan). Pastor Martin (URHC Vice Chairman from Turkana) and Pastor Yeshua (URHC Advisor from Ethiopia).  The URHC Executive Team includes representatives from every nation represented in the URHC community, making it quite remarkable.

While in a refugee church worship service yesterday, the Burundian pastor invited Pastor Martin to lead the congregation in a Turkana worship song (which involved a lot of jumping) and later asked Pastor Mubarak to bless his son during the service as he is to be married at the end of the month.

It is a beautiful thing to see brothers and sisters in Jesus transcend their ethnic identities and language barriers.


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