Give them shelter

We spent a couple of hours visiting with people in Kakuma camp today. We came upon a group of people who arrived in the camp in 2017 and were living in UN tents while waiting for more permanent mud shelters to be built.

We talked with a couple of sisters, 18 and 17 years old who share the tent (photo) with their brothers that are 12 and 10 years old. The sisters told me that their mother and father were dead. They arrived in Kakuma seeking refuge last May – nearly a year ago. They impressed me as remarkably resilient yet still struggling to fight off despair. “The tents leak in the rains. Why don’t we have shelter?

While the sisters expressed their fear that it is because the UN and NGO community don’t care about them, I know better. It is because some rich countries (including my own) significantly reduced their contribution to the UN budget that covers the costs of keeping these sisters and brothers safe and alive.

The NGOs don’t have the funding needed to provide them with shelter. And so they are forced to somehow survive in these worn out tents.

After listening to them share some of their story, they welcomed my offer to pray with them.

Father, please hear their cries and lead them to a city where they can settle. They are losing heart. Affirm your loving and faithful presence with them.

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