Before leaving Kakuma for Nairobi this afternoon, we had the opportunity to head 12 miles down the road toward Kenya’s boarder with South Sudan to a refugee settlement called Kalobeyei (pronounced: cal-oh-buy-yea) – part of the Kakuma refugee region.

Kalobeyei was opened in June 2016. Today it is home to 38,000 refugees – most of whom are women and children.

Here are a few photos from our visit…

Above: Kalobeyei is a relatively new refugee settlement. They are still constructing semi-permanent shelters for the people.

Above: Refugees in Kalobeyei are encouraged to grow crops and market them as a source of income. But there is a big challenge. There is no local supply of water. Still these resilient people do what they can.

Above: Markets like this are springing up in Kalobeyei. The refugee settlement is actually a source of economic growth for the surrounding host community.

Above: We met this refugee pastor from South Sudan. We were happy to hear that the Pentecostal church he leads is part of United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC) – the refugee initiated association of 157 churches from the camps and surrounding host community with whom IAFR partners.

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