Singing in an IDP Camp

We apologize for the jerky camera movement in the beginning of the video. It does get better after a few seconds.

This is part of a group of women in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in Kakuma, Kenya, that started a poultry business co-op about a year and a half ago. Their goal is to pull themselves out of extreme poverty and vulnerability. IAFR partnered with them last year to expand their poultry business and Tom Albinson stopped by today to see how it was going. They spontaneously broke into a song of thanksgiving to God for his provision through IAFR.

It was great to see the 1000 chickens that they are carefully raising. Soon they will be ready to move to the new coop specially designed for layers.

They ladies told Tom how they can now send their children to school and that their lives are improving.

Thanks to our many partners who generously invested in this project. This song is for you.

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