Above: A mother and her children doing laundry outside of their new home (funded by IAFR)

Shelter is a basic human need.

IAFR has a long-standing “Shelter for Refugees” project that is responding to the chronic need for adequate shelter in Kakuma refugee camp and in the IDP camp outside of the town. In recent years, we have focused our efforts and resources on building shelters for the IDP as they do not receive support from humanitarian agencies serving refugees.

Above: Bernard (left) and Pauline (orange dress) with a mother who received one of the shelters provided by IAFR. Pauline is part of the IDP community government and a key partner in our work there. Bernard works with NCCK.

IAFR is partnering with National Council of Churches Kenya (NCCK) in this project. NCCK has expertise in building shelters as it is one of their responsibilities in the refugee camp. But NCCK cannot invest funding received to serve refugees (e.g. from the UN) in the IDP camp. So IAFR is raising funds and contracting NCCK to build the structures.

The shelters increase personal security and offer much needed protection against the blazing sun, violent winds and torrential rains.

Lives are being changed for the better.


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