Theology and Trauma Care

Above: Prof. George Kalantzis begins a morning of theological training

We spent the day going deep into theological and trauma care training with 8 refugee church leaders.

Above: Pastors intently considering the contextual meaning of Scriptures

It was impressive to see how hungry, open and honest these pastors were as we wrestled with handling Scripture with wisdom, taking its historical context into account.

Above: An Ethiopian pastor with the text book “Heresies and How to Avoid Them” provided by Professor Kalantzis

After a tasty lunch break of injera (Ethiopian food) and freshly roasted and pounded coffee, we returned for an afternoon of training on walking with people who are suffering from unresolved trauma.

Above: A Turkana pastor shares stories of trauma with Jenny Hwang (Humanitarian Disaster Institute)

Above: Jenny Hwang (Humanitarian Disaster Institute) listens as pastors unpack stories of trauma

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