Going deep

Professor George Kalantzis from Wheaton College launched into the deep end with a hand picked group of refugee church leaders here this morning. Together the group is learning to think critically about why they believe what they believe and how to understand Scripture by understanding its context.

Leaders from Sudan, DR Congo, Ethiopia and Kenya are among the mix. Professor Kalantzis is a Greek. Jenny Hwang (here from Wheaton’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute) is first generation American Korean. It’s wonderful to be going deep, seeking truth, together as one body.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers and IAFR donors contributing to the Bibles for Refugees project as they have together made it possible for these pastors to have NLT Study Bibles – a wonderful resource in this remote place.

We also thank Biblica for providing Study Bible Guides to help the pastors learn how to get the most from their Study Bibles.

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