Worship from a Refugee Camp

Close your eyes and try to imagine what a worship service in a refugee camp might look like? Imagine worshiping with people, many of whom have lived in the camp for more than a decade – some for more than two. What do you envision?

I had the privilege of worshiping today with an Ethiopian Evangelical Church in the refugee camp. I tried to capture the joy as we were together. It was a true celebration. And that is not because life is easy. Far from it. These brothers and sisters have a joy that the sorrows of life cannot extinguish. I wish you could have been with us today.

Above: The worship choir leads an hour of prayer and song

Above: The congregation celebrating the goodness of God

Please don’t see these pictures and move on thinking that all is well. It is not. But the gates of hell do not prevail. How precious is the worship from places like Kakuma.

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