Coffee Time

Photo: Mr. Gede and Moh

Most coffee drinkers know that the best coffee in the world is a toss up between that from Kenya or Ethiopia. So one of the perks of visiting Kakuma is that I get to visit one of my favorite coffee shops – it’s owned and operated by my friend, Gede and his wife.

We landed in Kakuma today and had a meeting planned in the camp with the refugee church leaders with whom we partner. But when we got to the meeting location, we discovered the meeting had been cancelled. We had some time to kill before our ride returned to pick us up.

Photo: Mrs. G. serving up coffee

Thankfully, we were just a stone’s throw from Gede’s coffee shop. We had a nice visit with him and his wife – and several brothers from the refugee church in which they all have leadership roles. Nothing earthshaking happened. But we were all normalizing life as we sat and talked together over great coffee. And in a place like this, normality is not common.

Photo: looking out the coffee shop at the busy street

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